A Leader in the Green Economy

Madison is building on the area's rich heritage of agriculture and forestry.  With development in solar, hydro power, natural gas and it's own electric works, Madison is a growing energy hub.  For information on opportunities to grow your business in Madison, contact the Town Office at 696 3971.

GO-Lab Timber Pure Technology

The closing of Madison Paper Industries in 2016 opened the door for a new opportunity in the timber industry.  The Belfast, Maine based company GO-Lab purchased the mill facility in 2019 and plans to manufacture insulation products made from wood fiber.  You can find out more at their website www.golab.us 

Backyard Farms

In 2006, US Functional Foods invested in a 24-acre, state-of-the-art glass greenhouse facility in Madison on approximately 330 acres of prime farm land located on the River Road.  It is considered the largest greenhouse east of the Mississippi River, and employs over 200 people in the area.

Growing vine-ripened, hydroponic tomatoes, the Backyard Farms complex utilizes world class technology to create an environmentally-friendly business producing fully ripened tomatoes year round.  The greenhouse incorporates grow-lights, thermal blanketing for production climate control and a water-recycling runoff system.  Roof runoff provides approximately 90 percent of irrigation water.

Because the plants are grown above the ground in a soilless medium, they do not have to use chemical pesticides, and native bumblebees are used for pollination.  Nutrients are mixed with water and delivered in a process called "fertigation". 

The plants, which hang on stringed hooks, grow a foot a week.  They lower the plants as the tomatoes ripen.  The longer the tomato is on the vine, the better tasting the tomato as it only gets its flavor while it's growing on the plant. 

The company ships approximately 300,000 tomatoes weekly to New England markets within 24 hours of picking.  Thus New England's consumers will be able to enjoy fresh, locally-grown tomatoes on a year-round basis. 

 Visit their website.


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