Respect/Social Inclusion

Domain: Respect and Social Inclusion    Goal: To increase intergenerational opportunities.

Social isolation remains an issue in central Maine with an aging population and cold climate. In addition to adverse weather, the climate of unfriendliness to outsiders can further isolate residents of all ages. In the next few years Madison will have to re-invent itself and its approach to reaching out across generational and geographical boundaries.

According to select survey findings social isolation appears to be a problem for some. 44% of the same said they feel included and respected as a resident of Madison while another 36% said they feel that way most of the time.

Madison has many opportunities for seniors to participate in the community (high school sporting events, school plays and concerts, the Madison-Anson senior puncheons at VFW, Bone Builders, sewing groups) , there is room to expand adult and senior education opportunities to learn a new school and develop additional effective ways to communicate with residents of all ages.

One of the organizations that is in the area that works heavily with respect and social inclusion is Catholic Charities SEARCH/RSVP program. Click to learn more about being a volunteer or needing one.

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